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  Thanks to all the following people for contributing to Alcos
International and its associated newsletter Alco Addict.

Philip Wormald, Felipe Aranda, John Currey, John Menges, Antonio Ruiz,
Rolf Stumpf, Geoff Taylor, David Xuerub, Stuart Ellis, Robert Parnell,
Steve Miller ______________________________________________________________________ Thanks for the following people who contributed to the web site so far. Philip Wormald, David Chester, Mark Carter, Bob Gioia, Andy Inserra,
Stuart Ellis, Robert Parnell, Rolf Stumpf, Geoff Taylor, Michael Dix

Editor: Brad Peadon.
Assistant Editor: Andy Inserra.

From late in 2000 Alco Addict will join up with The Railroad Press,a high quality magazine
published in the United States.
The Railroad Press has long showcased some of America's finest Alco and other photography
and it will be an honour to join it.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Alco Addict over the years and I look forward
to continuing this in the new magazine!
For subscriptions or further information: The Railroad Press PO Box 444 Hanover PA 17331-0444 U.S.A Or check out the website on my links page!
______________________________________________________________________ ## Back issues of original Alco Addict ## ______________________________________________________________________ Issue #1 List of preserved Australian Alcos Silverton Tramway fleetlist Photo of restored 4401 Issue #2 Alco,MLW and Bombadier Diesels in Portugal A rare photo of two DL500s in Peru taken by Ray Marsh. Issue #3 List of all RS1,2 and 3 still in regular service in the U.S.A and Canada The NSW 40 Class RSC3 Alco books, magazines and web sites Photographic tribute to the 442 class (DL500G) Alcos Issue #4 "Weekend with the World" Part 1. Philip Wormald's story of a weekend chasing A-308 around Greece. Latest Books and magazines Photos of Austrac's second hand Alco NB class Issue #5 "Weekend with the World" Part 2. Photo of Silverton's new livery as applied to 442s5 and 442s6. Issue #6 Full Private Alco update for Australia. Andy Inserra starts a regular USA column on Alco in the States. Andy comes from Minnesota. World Series #4465 Update Issue #7 New South Wales 80 class by Bob Gioia. Alcos in the USA with Andy Inserra Latest worldwide Alco news Alco Hobby Section "News Books etc" Issue #8 Not Available Yet!!! Planned- 80 Class Pt 2 by Bob Gioia Goodbye 4823 & 4835 Alcos in the USA with Andy Inserra Latest News! Issue #9 Special PA photographic issue. Ken Ardinger's Alco lists start Issue #10 Special 12 page final issue! Rolf Stumpf reports on his Alco chasing holiday. Andy gives all the latest American news Alco lists Part 2 Extra photos and all laser copied!


We look foward to hearing from you.