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  The Botany Line Model Railway club has been set up to gauge how
much interest there is in building a layout based on this Sydney
goods line.
  The Botany Line has been a very popular haunt for many of New South
Wale's railway photographers over the years, some who have been of
great help to our cause. These people are thanked below.
  If you would like to contact our group, our new address is

                  Botany Line Model Railway Club
                  c/o Mr David Xuereb
                  PO Box 307
                  Botany  2019
                  Sydney, NSW, Australia

  We look foward to hearing from you.


  There have been many good people who have helped with this project!
Thanks go to the following:

Steve Macris       "Kellogg's" For his help with historical items.

Management         "Kellogg's" For generously giving permission to
                               let us see the historical items.

Rick Coles         For loaning us some of his wonderful photo 
                   collection of the Botany line.

Neville Pollard    For information + his great Book.

Bob Gallagher      For information and his kind mention in AMRM.

Brian West         For information on the Ampol Branch.

Ampol/Caltex       For Information.

  Sorry to anyone I may have accidently missed.

Please contact me if you have any Botany history.
We look foward to hearing from you!!