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   I have been interested in trains since a very early age.
This turned into a full time hobby in the second half of the 80ís.

  Whenever business permits, I tried to get away for a couple of
weeks photography around New South Wales or one of the
adjoining states.  The experiences from these trips would fill a
book and I enjoyed every one of them, I used to believe there was
no greater feeling than standing lineside, out bush, in the middle
of the night, and watch that approaching train go screaming

  What goes around, comes around though, and after a bitterly
disappointing trip in 1998,I decided that it just wasnít
worth it any more. This came as more of a shock to my friends,
than to me. It left me with a feeling of having been forced from
the hobby and having wasted half my life. But it has left me with
some life long friends, who stick by me and even on the odd 
occasion still take me out lineside.


  Started in 1998, I decided to fulfil a dream I have held since I
first went to the model railway exhibition held at the former
Showgrounds. I wanted to build my own exhibition layout and
where better to base it on than the line I have grown
up with.
  This is a long term project, which is still in the research
stage. To foster interest I got Brad to construct a website 
for the group and this occasionally gets updated.
Please feel free to contact me through Bradís email. 

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