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  Although interested in trains from a very early age,
it was not until 1982 that I started researching and
photographing them in a really major way.

  The hobby has gradually taken my across many
parts of Australia and more recently overseas. The
fun had and times shared with good friends will
live with me forever, many of these have proven
to be lifelong friendships.

  the demise of the older Alco classes back in 1994,
lead me on a mission to research the DL500A,B and C
  Gradually this search went on to cover Alco’s of 
all types. 
  To assist in this, I set up a small group called
Alcos International and have put together a
small newsletter called "Alco Addict" for
around two years now. The response from
around the world has been phenomenal, and I
thank all those who put in their time and effort
to help me with my research and newsletter.
  The success of Alco Addict has been so good that
I recently accepted an offer to place it in an
American magazine. The magazine, The Railroad Press"
is amoungst the finest I have seen and it is quite an
honour to have been asked.

  A visit to this fascinating country early in 1999
made me realise exactly how interesting some
overseas railways can be. On returning home to
Australia, a search of the Internet revealed little
on the Philippine Railways. I have sought to
remedy this a little.
  Further trips are planned shortly and more shots will
be placed on the site.

  This site started early in 1998, but died out
after only three issues. I jumped at the chance
to help my friend Bob resurrect it, and now I
am happy to see it better than ever before.
  The site is gradually turning into a huge
source for all the very latest "Motive Power"
information from around Australia. Regularly
updated fleetlists are keeping people
informed as never before.

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