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       The Ausloco web page.

 An email based Australian and New Zealand locomotive discussion group.

Ausloco is a special interest group whose focus is on the diesel, electric and steam locomotives and railcars of Australia and New Zealand.
The group operates by having a number of subscribers (currently 436), who are all on an email list called "Ausloco" at Yahoo Groups.
A person sending an email to the Ausloco email address will have the email automatically distributed to all people currently on the list.
Ausloco is run by two people who are responsible for administrative duties and the day to day running of the group.

                                               The Ausloco administrators/moderators are:

                                                Darren Wood - the list owner and moderator.
                                                         Stephen Molloy - moderator.
                                            Doug Knowles - Original designer of this webpage.
                                                        Brad Peadon - Webpage Upkeep

                  Please direct any inquiries, questions, complaints, criticisms or suggestions to us at:

                            The purpose of the group is as follows:

A forum for discussing past, present and future Australian and New Zealand motive power trends, whether it be withdrawn, in service, or future motive power.

A means to allow overseas rail fans to gain an insight into Australia and New Zealand's varied motive power.

To provide assistance for locomotive historians and researchers, wherever possible.

To provide a 'grapevine' for known 'rostered' workings which may be of interest to subscribers, especially in a photographic context.

To provide a 'warning' mechanism for imminent or proposed motive power
   changes, including those which may fall into the 'rumour' category.

To allow trip reports with a locomotive or railcar bias/theme to be posted, either in a 'story line' or a tabulated format.

To provide an opportunity to 'reminisce' about past motive power.

To provide an opportunity for "day to day" motive power sightings to be posted, especially in a daily tabulated format, to allow people to gain an insight into day to day motive power trends/usage in a particular area.
                         Guidelines and hints for posting:

Anyone who has subscribed to Ausloco at Yahoo groups is welcome to post items of interest, provided they conform to the guidelines below, and are also within the purpose of the group.

Ausloco is run by railfans, for railfans, and is purely a means to share information to fellow railfans. It is not designed for rail companies to "spy" on other companies. To support this, we require that any rail company employee who uses Ausloco for the purpose of "spying" on other companies present or future activities remove themselves from the group. We would also like to request that any information that may be deemed to be "commercially sensitive" be not posted to Ausloco.

Postings are to be an email, in text only format, sent to:  Please note: This is NOT the admin. address.

Emails' sent to the group in HTML format a ARE NOT acceptable. HTML emails' are able to hide virus's, and also take up valuable space. They are also able to include advertising banners, which many people do not like. Some people are not able to read emails' written in HTML.
Please turn HTML off before you post anything to Ausloco!

Emails' to Ausloco that include an attachment are not acceptable. If you have a file that you think someone may like, please contact them off list, or provide a U.R.L. (website address).

Please clearly identify ALL rumours' as being rumours!

When joining, please DO NOT send a "test" email. They are OFF TOPIC. There are far too many "test" emails' being sent to the group. If you wish to test, please send an email that conforms to the guidelines AND the purpose of the group

Items which do not fall under the guidelines AND the purpose of the group are considered "off topic" and are NOT to be posted.

As a general rule, an email to Ausloco that does not involve a locomotive or railcar is probably "off
  topic" and therefore doesn't belong on Ausloco. It will then belong on aus.rail,, etc.

If you wish to reply personally to a person who has posted an item to ausloco, please be aware that if you hit the "reply" button on your email program, your reply email will go to ausloco, and NOT the person that you are attempting to reply to. Please check the "to" address before sending anything!
                                    "Off topic" postings

In the past, the subject of "off topic" postings has been a topic of discussion for many people.
In a couple of instances the group has lost valuable contributors, and sometimes the situation has got so bad that this has almost brought about the demise of the group.
To attempt to alleviate previous problems, the administrators have introduced some new rules.
It is our hope that we will not need to use these rules, but they can and WILL be used if the need arises.

Off topic is defined as any email that fails to conform to the guidelines and the rules for posting.

Any person that posts an item that the administrators believe is off topic will receive a warning email about the posting.

They will receive a final warning should they post an "off topic" item again.

If they post another "off topic" item they will be removed from Ausloco and will not be allowed to return for one week.

Any person that posts an email to Ausloco with the phrase :
"I know this is off topic, but........" or words to that effect will receive a final warning.

Virus warnings are considered "off topic" and are not to be posted.

Before any warning and/or final warning email is sent, all three administrators are to discuss the facts     and mutually agree on the course of action to be taken. This should eliminate all unfairness and ensures   that there is no victimization. The exception is hate email, threats etc.

If any of the administrators or any list members receive any abuse, threats, or hate email, the offender
will be automatically removed from the list with no questions asked. The offender will be permanently banned from re-subscribing from Ausloco. If we find out they are have resubscribed using an alternate email address, that address will also be banned.

                                                      How to subscribe to Ausloco:
                                               To subscribe to Ausloco, send a blank email to:

                                                   How to unsubscribe from Ausloco:
                                               To unsubscribe from Ausloco, send a blank email to:


                                                        Last updated 22:30 04/05/2001

                 Copyright Doug Knowles, Darren Wood and Stephen Molloy April 2000.